Why Are New Home Inspections so Valuable?

October 9th, 2014

new home inspection

Purchasing a new or custom built home is a wonderful experience, as you can choose each accent that makes the house a home. Homeowners usually hire a home inspector when the new home is finished, but we suggest doing it during the early stages of construction. Everything is better when you have a professional home inspection company at your side. Trust us; we’ll give you four solid reasons in the list below.

New home constructions run into a myriad of problems that cannot be avoided. Building a home is not exactly a quick, simple process. You can’t build a home in a day; there are many different steps involved. Beyond that, there are times where you have to deal with issues for which you were just never prepared. It’s all just easier if you have a professional advocate at your side.

Following that, you have to realize that “building codes” only require minimum standards. Municipal building inspectors may do their best, but if the standards are lower than yours, you may be left wanting more.

Since more of the house is visible during these phases, it makes fixing these common problems easy:

  • Uneven or Missing Siding
  • Insufficient or Improperly Installed Insulation
  • Ducts Attached Incorrectly or Vented Improperly
  • Raised Roof Shingles
  • Broken Trusses

The best reason of all is likely the resale value of your home. Buyers will feel much more comfortable with a home that has been inspected several times throughout the construction process. If you have any other questions about getting your new home inspected, please contact Above & Beyond Home Inspections today.